Ann Arbor – The Perfect College Town

If you are keen on visiting one of the most perfect college town, then you certainly must spend some time looking up the famous city of Ann Arbor. Situated in the State of Michigan, it is the 6th largest city of Michigan. It is a city with historical importance and has some of best places of interest to offer to its tourists in the local area. It has played a big part in the famous Anti-Vietnam movement and also as far as giving a fillip to the left movements is concerned. It also has played its role in the civil disobedience movement which saw the rights being accorded to the colored sections of American Society. However over the next few lines we will try and find out why it could be considered as one of the best town cities in the country which has quite a few things to offer for tourists of different ages likes and dislikes.

The University Of Michigan Campus

There is hardly any doubt that visiting Ann Arbor means setting apart a major portion of your time visiting the famous University Of Michigan. It is one of the best universities in the country and it also attracts scores of tourists from other part of the world. You could stroll around the State Street inside the university campus or the Diag and also the Laws Quad. If you are new to the place and do not know the places to lookout, you could either browse the internet. An alternate way would be to get in touch with university students and they will be able to offer you the best possible advice.


If you are a big fan of kayaking, you would do well to hire a kayak and take a ride along the Huron River. Early summer or spring is the best season because the water level will be high because of melting snow. In late autumn the water level could well and truly go very low. It could get so low that at times you could feel your canoe hitting the bottom of the river. However, you certainly will enjoy the flora and fauna associated with the Huron River. The scenic beauty that you will come across is also something which you always must keep in mind.

Burton Memorial Tower

The Burton Memorial Tower which is situated in the Central Campus is another wonderful place of tourist interest. One can get to the top of the construction and listen to the bells being played daily. The bell timings are from noon to 12.30 on all week days. You will also get an unhindered view of the entire campus and therefore it will be something that will remain cherished in your heart for a long period of time.