Choosing Colors Can be Difficult. Working With Gayle Makes it Easy!

Gayle color consultant

Contact Information:
Gayle Pesek, Color Consultant
Anderson Paint Company
(734) 662•6690

Gayle offers:

  • Attention to detail and a passion for all things creative
  • BS in Interior Design and a minor in Art
  • Background in architectural drafting, color theory and residential and contract design
  • Anderson Paint Company staff for 10 years

Consider hiring a color consultant or interior designer to help you make important aesthetic decisions that will impact the look and feel of your home for years to come. There are many compelling reasons to hire a local Ann Arbor color consultant or interior designer for your home.

– Return on investment

Initially, it might take a few extra dollars to hire a local Ann Arbor color consultant, but you could avoid costly mistakes that will not only increase the perceived value but the actual value of your home. So whether you’re looking to give the interior of your home a facelift or sell your current home, a professional designer will increase the likelihood of success and overall satisfaction.

– A second (professional) opinion

A designer not only offers you his/her professional assessment of your current color scheme but an extra set of eyes that are trained to pick up on details you might have overlooked. He/she will listen to your goals and help guide you to a successful end result that everyone is happy with.

– Connections

A color consultant might already have a relationship with a local Ann Arbor interior painter and contractors whom he/she knows to do quality work. This saves you the time it would take to find a reliable interior painter whom you would trust to work inside your home.

– More resources

Interior designers have access to resources, like discounts, special inventory, or preferential priority with vendors, that are not as accessible to the general public inquiring on their own.

– The “WoW” factor!

Color consultants will give you that unique, one-of-a-kind look that will impress your guests and make you feel invigorated about the interior of your own home. They’re very experienced in choosing complementary color schemes that work with the flow of an interior space.

– Sell your home faster

A designer can potentially add a lot to the aesthetic of your Ann Arbor home to increase the appeal for showing and selling. This not only translates to a potentially higher sale price in a competitive market but also helps insure you wouldn’t lose a buyer due to an unappealing interior painting job.

– Lift the weight off your shoulders

Homeowners might try to do it all themselves and can get very frustrated in the process. A designer with a trained eye can help with aesthetic decisions that may not come easily to everyone. Choosing your favorite color might sound exciting but is not always the best decision for the layout of your home. The many nuances of color in an interior space can be orchestrated well by someone with experience.

– Satisfaction

It’s no surprise that a color consultant has the skills to enhance your home, whether it be for you, your family or for resale. A professional can ensure you achieve the look you desire for your home.

– Testimonials

“As you know, choosing paint colors when choices are endless can be a very difficult task, especially for a person without any art/color background. I frankly felt confused, uncertain and overwhelmed by the task. Gail made this task painless and frankly, easy!”

-Rosalyn B.

“I have no doubt that she saved me much time and effort struggling to find the right colors!”

-Linda A.

“She immediately understood the look I was trying to produce and quickly identified a few options of paired house color and trim. She nailed it.”

-Barbara S.

Your $150 60-minute in-home visit includes:

  • Discussion of your project needs/challenges
  • Specifications for products recommended for your project
  • Details of color selections including location in your home where products will be applied
  • Your Choice of: 2 Free gallons of Anderson interior Ceramic Coat ($140+value) 2 Free gallons of Anderson exterior Solar Ceramic ($160+value) or $50 gift card with your purchase of a color consultation.

*** $150 in-home session is per hour and additional time on site may be prorated.***

Gayle Pesek, Color Consultant: 734.662-6690
Anderson Paint Company

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