B & P’s TOP 10 When Choosing a Painting Contractor

(1) How long has your contractor been in business? What is the experience level of the painter’s working in your home or business? 

(2) Is the contractor properly licensed in the State of Michigan?

(3) Do they provide a certificate of liability insurance with the proposal? Have they addressed safety issues including having children in the home and the proper storage of coatings and equipment? 

(4) Is it an owner-operated company or do they employ subcontract labor? 

(5) Can they provide current references? 

(6) Is there a written warranty on the work performed? 

(7) What finish paint products do they recommend? 

(8) Did the contractor take time to know your concerns and expectations? Was the contractor specific in there quote about which surfaces you are having re-finished (ceilings, walls, trim/woodwork, etc.) and the paint colors and finishes (sheens) that you want used? 

(9) Did the contractor detail surface preparation and preparation products, how they will protect your belongings and how long the project will take from start to finish? 

(10) Did the contractor send your quote in a timely manner?




‑ WALL, CEILING AND WOODWORK/TRIM SURFACE PREPARATION: All surfaces being refinished will be thoroughly inspected for any imperfections and repaired. Preparation of wall and ceiling areas to include repair to any stress cracks, failing drywall corner bead and joint tape, screw or nail pops, failing plaster or paint, dents or other surface imperfections. Repairs to receive Two (2) basecoats of Durabond® setting-type plaster compound and One (1) finish coat of USG® Plus 3 topping compound. Drywall corner bead and stress crack repairs to be re-taped with fiber glass reinforcing joint tape prior to patching compound applications. Finish feather sanding and prime coating of all repairs prior to repainting. Pole sanding of all areas to remove minor surface debris. Light scuff sanding of enamel wall areas and woodwork/trim for tack and deglossing purposes to ensure proper coating adhesion. Patching of woodwork nail holes, dents or imperfections. Sanding and spot priming of woodwork surface repairs prior to repainting. Washing of woodwork and wall/ceiling surface areas as needed with a mild cleaning solution prior to prime coating and/or finish painting  Interior caulking of  wall/woodwork joints (door casing, window frame, crown molding, chair rail molding, baseboard molding), window sills, backsplash/wall joints and any other separations or voids as required.  Application of a solvent based shellac stain blocking primer to bleeding stains (wood knots, water stains, ink, etc.) as needed.

SURFACE PREPARATION PRODUCTS: PRIMER(wall/ceiling, woodwork repairs) – INSL-X STIX waterborne bonding primer.  CAULKING COMPOUNDTower Tech Accelerator® siliconzied acrylic latex adhesive sealant or elastomeric sealant as indicated. LIQUID SOLVENT DEGLOSSER: Zinsser ESP® solvent deglosser/cleaner. STAIN SEALER – Zinsser Bin® alcohol based pigmented shellac stain stop.



SherwinWilliams® Professional Coatings  


Ceiling Areas: Application of two or more coats as needed for proper coverage of Sherwin-Williams® ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Flat finish paint. 

Wall Areas:  Application of two or more coats as needed for proper coverage of Sherwin-Williams® ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Flat or Sherwin-Williams® ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Eg-Shel Enamel finish paint at homeowner’s option. 

Woodwork/Trim:  Application of two or more coats as needed for proper coverage of Sherwin-Williams® Pro Classic® Zero VOC Interior Latex Semi-Gloss Enamel finish paint.

Interior coatings are manufacturer guaranteed top grades of the Sherwin-Williams® product lines and are contractor recommendations. Prime and finish coatings will be discussed in greater detail prior to application. All paint coats to be full and evenly applied by the hand brush and roller application method.

 COLOR SELECTIONS: All color selections at homeowner’s option. A sample brush out of all finish paint drawn from existing formulas, computer spectrophotometer color matches or new color selections to be applied by contractor and approved for coverage and appearance by homeowner prior to the start of finish painting.

PROJECT NOTE: Proper care will be taken at all times to protect surfaces not to be painted. All surface preparation will be performed according to accepted national coating industry standards using only top grade products. Work areas will be cleaned and all coatings and painting equipment secured and stored properly at the end of each work day. A same batch touch-up quantity of all finish paint will be labeled (Origin/Tint Formulas) and provided for all surfaces at completion. Please call our office with any questions:(734) 572-8557 between 9AM & 6PM daily Monday through Saturday. 

Thank you !   -Bob & Phil





Choosing a professional and skilled painting contractor is an important decision that requires homework and careful consideration. When you receive estimates for your project they should fall roughly within the same price range. If estimates vary widely from one another ask what is not being done or where corners are being cut. Price is naturally important. Getting the lowest possible price should not be your only consideration. It does not need to be the highest price either. Look at the whole picture. Most painting contractors operate on very tight profit margins. You sometimes hear of homeowner’s who hired student or unlicensed painters and were happy with the work. If the price seems to good to be true, it probably is. Following the steps above you will be ready and informed when choosing the right painting contractor.

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